Luminosity EP

by Greenphine

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After 3 months of work, it's finally here!


released December 2, 2013




Greenphine Michigan

I am a music producer from Michigan who mainly makes Dubstep, but I will step away from that once in a while. My goal as a producer is to become a professional, and get onto a record label.

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Track Name: 04 - Ocular & Greenphine - Starlight (ft Sub.Sound)
[Verse 1]
In this day I spent alone
With the words that I couldn't say
To my shame I let you go
And silence fell between our separate ways

In those times we spent alone, under the star-lit sky
Was their magic taking sway?
Torn again between a 'yes' or 'no'
The moments gone, am I too late?

[Chorus 1]
In vivid dreams I come awake
In a daze I contemplate
Visions where I let you go

In troubled sleep I stay awake
To the night I turn my gaze
Should I really let you go?

Stars, help me find a way
to say the words I couldn't say
I've got to let you know

Fade the night to dawn to day
In the place where we'd stargaze
Oh, today i'll let you know

[Verse 2 a]
With a cause I reached your home
In the dark about your fate
Metal strewn across the road
You were held beneath it's weight

Between sleep you made your way, to the place we'd lie
Tragedy swept you away
Left alone and left without 'goodbye'
My words, I'll never get to say

[Chorus 2 a]
In vivid dreams I come awake
If only I could replicate
Moments shared by us alone

In troubled sleep I stay awake
To the night I turn my gaze
I will never let you go

Stars, help me make things right
Can you guide me with your light?
Does it have to be this way?

Oh forever in the night
You'll be my starlight
Your memory will never fade

Your memory will never fade